Friday, March 21, 2008

Go Ahead, Get Your Dream! - General Conference Devotional

Yesterday morning I had a dream that I was playing Elphaba in the production of Wicked. It was towards the end of one of my big numbers, “Defying Gravity” when I woke up…on the bus in Harlem. Sleeping on the bus is not embarrassing in and of itself, lots of people do that, but being nudged awake because you’re singing in your sleep on the bus is another story…I’m sure you can guess what not-so-happy ending my day began with.

As I looked around at my traveling companions (equally embarrassed for me and I was to have exposed them to my performance) I said, “Did I miss the stop for the Apollo?” A guy on the bus grinned saying, “Yeah, Ma, you missed your stop but go ahead girl, get your dream!”

While performing at The Apollo is not one of my conscience dreams, I have a lot of dreams for my family, friends, community, world and self that help my life journey take shape. Most recently I’ve been concentrating on dreams I have for our church…dreams I hope I’m brave enough to help birth into existence. But my dream alone is not enough for this church many of us are fighting to weaving our spiritual journeys into. My dream is one thread in an intricate design whose beauty is revealed by the gift and challenge of knowing your dreams and seeking the other dreams I carry.

One way we can share our dreams is through music and one place we as United Methodists need to act out our dreams is General Conference…but more than our dreams we need to share our realities and the paths we see and are creating to reach our dreams. This year OnFire is compiling a devotional for General Conference called “More Than A Dream”. We’re inviting people to share music that speaks to them spiritually complemented by a written or drawn explanation of why you picked the song, and what dreams you are hoping to make a reality. The theme, more than a dream, is just that our jump off point…where we’re taken it is up to you.

We’re hoping to share devotionals/songs for each day of General Conference (14 total). If you’re interested in creating a devotional and sharing a song, or you have any questions related to the devotional please contact us at We need to receive devotionals and song titles/artists by April 10th. Devotionals will be available in a paper form at General Conference and posted on this blog daily. Music will be made available through OnFire iTunes accounts and via YouTube videos.

This devotional is also a way for us to care for and encourage each other during General Conference. Some of you may not be able be physically present, but your voice can be heard through your words or the images you submit. You may not be able to physically be in solidarity with those witnessing in and outside the convention center but you can encourage and challenge those present to act through the message in your song choice.

Whether you create a devotional or not (and I hope you do) I encourage you all to do as the wise (and sassy) man on the bus told me, “go ahead, get your dream!”


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You write very well.