Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wading in the Water

Powerful witness, at least for those involved, particularly after staggering defeats today.

Here is the text:

The General Conference has broken Wesley's General Rule by doing harm to young adults, people of color, gay and lesbian people, women and others.
Confusion has taken the place of Holy Conferencing.
Legalism has obscured love.
Fear has silenced faith.
But even though the action of General Conference, and the inaction of our other leadership, has done great harm, we will always be a part of God's church.
We are finished waiting. By waiting, more harm is done.
We are centered in the Gospel.
We are grounded in the Gospel.
We are joyful in the Gospel.
We are committed to following Jesus Christ to embody God's love and justice through the United Methodist Church.
We will work passionately for racial justice.
We will embody full inclusiveness for people of all sexual orientations.
We will celebrate people of all gender identities.
We are global, connectional, and repentant of colonialism.
We will be a people of peace.
We will proclaim the stewardship of creation joyfully.
We will strive for economic justice.
This is what it means to be United Methodist. We are here. We will remain in this church as long as we can preach the Gospel and faithfully make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of us all.

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