Thursday, September 20, 2012

Living into the Tension

Because we got back after the end of chapel services on campus, the General Conference 2012 class from Drew Theological School planned a worship service around the experience of General Conference for the fall. I spoke with my friend and fellow Drewid Joe Samalenge at the service about living into the tension of General Conference. I spoke about the importance of finding life-giving communities when living in ugliness. Joe spoke powerfully of his experience as a translator, the struggle between where he is now (Drew) and where he came from (Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe). What follows is the video of the worship service and a taste of how we grabbed a hold of hope after GC2012.

We now have the summer between us and General Conference 2012. How have you continued to reflect on the experience, either of being there or watching it or hearing about it? How are you imagining General Conference 2016? What are you doing now to live into your vision for the church?

Opening Worship and my witness

Joe's testimony and communion

Closing in song


Shannon Sullivan is a graduate of Drew Theological School in Madison, New Jersey. She serves the Deer Creek Charge, a two-point charge in the Baltimore-Washington Conference. She blogs at You'll Never Guess What the Heathens Did Today.

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